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Frequently Asked Questions – MDDialer

What Is MDdialer?

MDDIALER is one of the World’s leading Asterisk Dialer.

What Payment Types Are Accepted?

We accept PayPal and Wire Transfers.

Can I have a Free Trial ?

Yes, We do offer a free trial depending upon the demand and availability of our products. Otherwise we have a starter option also in which you can start using MDDIALER for just $ 10 for 3 days. For more information contact our representative.

Do You Provide Free Technical Support?

Yes we provide 24*7 Full Technical Support for all of our customers fully free for first year of purchasing from us. After that based on your usage you have to pay a nominal fee as per query which is not much but just to meet small part of our expenses which we spend on running technical support services whole day and night. Our main focus is 100% Customer Satisfaction irrespective of our expenses on that. If you have any query you can either Email us or call us at our Toll Free Phone Number. You can also chat live with our Technical Support Executive for resolution of any issue. All of our technical support services are available round the clock.

How long does it take to setup?

Generally it takes less than 12 hours for setting up of MDDIALER for you once we receive the payment. On special occasions we can make and create a live running setup in less than 30 minutes, if you have already planned some event based on that. But for that there are some extra charges. After setting up We will provide you full fledged free training for one week so that you become fully enable to utilize all the features and potential of MDDIALER to the benefit of your business.

Can administrators barge or listen in on a call?

Yes, we provide this feature with our MDDIALER in which the Administrator can monitor and listen to the calls Live and can barge in between calls if the agent was unable to finalize the deal in same call. We also offer full call recording feature.

Do you do offer customized Programming?

Yes, we do offer customized programming as per your custom requirements. We can integrate many advanced features based on your requests. Also we can integrate MDDIALER with your existing CRM or API or any other existing software in your Call Center. Please contact our representative for additional information and final charges.

What kind of API integrations do you offer?

Our MDDIALER can be integrated with numerous types of custom API. Any type of CRM or API which you are using in your organization or Call Centre can be integrated with MDDIALER.
We have a dedicated team of research engineers, developers and quality assurance engineers who are expert in this. Several of deployments of our MDDIALER includes integration with Asterisk Solutions, IVR, several telecom solutions, custom CRM, custom ERP, Databases, several APIs etc.

How Much bandwidth do I need?

We recommend the following:
5 seats: 512kbps
10 seats: 1 mbps
20 seats: 2 mbps

Can I check Call Details Online?

Yes, you can access your Call Details Report online in real time. You can also download your CDR in MS Office friendly CSV format.

What’s the recommended computer Specs for my agents?

A dual core computer with 2 GB of RAM and a USB headset.

What web Browser do you recommend?

Firefox (https://getfirefox.com) is highly recommended.

What are the recommended Softphones ?

Linux: Twinkle (https://twinklephone.com) or Zoiper (https://zoiper.com)
Mac: Xlite/Eyebeam (https://counterpath.com) or Zoiper
Windows: Xlite/Eyebeam

What Codec Should I use?

To save on bandwidth, please set the primary codec to GSM on your softphone. If you have G729 available please use that instead.

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